Brewed By Hand


UK distribution of the finest hand brewing equipment from Hario Co., Japan.

To view the catalogue, learn more, or buy Hario products, head to New products, promotions and resources will also be available there, as well as guides for perfecting your manual brewing at home.

For cafes, roasters, retailers and other businesses looking for wholesale information, please refer to the information below.


Brewed by Hand have exclusive distribution rights in the UK. If you would like further information about wholesale prices, terms and other arrangements, please email, or call 0800 033 7918.


Q: Am I eligible for a wholesale account?
A: If you are a UK or Ireland based company then yes, most likely. For information about distribution in other European nations please contact Hario Japan directly.

Q: Do you wholesale other brands?
A: Not at this time. We recommend Coffee Hit for other cafe supplies.

Q: What are the lead times?
A: We ship items via next day courier. If items are not in stock in our warehouse expect 2 to 3 weeks. Please enquire for information about specific items.

Q: Do you drop-ship?
A: No, we do not offer drop shipping at this time.